Interactive geographic platform as the culmination of the study and interpretation of a Capbreu from the 14th century (1345 and 1424) kept in the Archive of the Marquises of Santa María de Barberá.

It is a dynamic web map that offers the opportunity to know the territorial domain of the Desbosc, then feudal lords of the barony, and the different elements that made it up. A reconstruction of the medieval landscape of the moment from the analysis of historical documentation.

By clicking on any icon on the map we can discover and learn about various elements that were in the feudal territory dominated by the Desbosc.

This pioneering geolocation project arises from the documental data collection of the manuscript, data management and its subsequent spatial location. An interdisciplinary work that offers as a final result an interactive web map, an innovative resource that reinvents the way of understanding and interpreting the content of a Capbreu.

La autoría del mapa pertenece a Sebastià Ferran Fernández quien ha diseñado gráficamente el mapa mediante el programa de código libre y multiplataforma QGIS.

The authorship of the map belongs to Sebastià Ferran Fernández who has graphically designed the map using the open-source and multiplatform program QGIS.

Update and review

This initiative is intended to be a collaborative project that is constantly being updated and revised.

Any interested person can request the integration or modification of information in this map.

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