The Heritage Archives in Catalonia

Within the framework of the collaboration between the Association of Archivists of Catalonia, the Vilassar de Dalt City Council and the Archive of the Marqueses of Santa María de Barberá, it is considered interesting to organise a series of activities that allow the diffusion of the richness and importance of the funds.

In this sense, the Heritage Archives project includes the organization of a scientific conference with specialists from the different and varied heritage archives of Catalonia, preserved in public, municipal and private archives.

On this same day, the book El rescat de les cent doncelles o de sant Esteve was presented, based on the transcription and study of a 17th-century manuscript preserved in the Archive of the Marquises of Santa María de Barberá, coordinated by Coral Cuadrada y Montserrat Garriga, with notable contributions from specialists on the subject

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