The capbreu of the castles of Vilassar and Burriac: Archives and Digital Humanities

Within the framework of the collaboration between the Maresme Regional Archive, the Vilassar de Dalt City Council and the Archive of the Marqueses of Santa María de Barberá, it is considered interesting to organise a series of activities that allow to expose the potential of archive collections and to share using the digital humanities.

In this sense, the Capbreu Digital Humanities project includes the exhibition Los Capbreus del Castillo de Vilassar in the Glazed Room of the castle, the organization of a scientific conference with national and international specialists on digital humanities projects and the publication of a publication El Capbreu dels Castells de Vilassar i Burriac (1354-1424), with collaborations on the application in digital humanities of the content of the 14th-century manuscript preserved in the archive.

On this same day, the book by Marc Llamas, Els Pinós-Fenollet als segles XIV i XV, was presented. The will of Bernat Galceran II de Pinós-Fenollet, el Cavaller, a study based on a 15th-century will be preserved in the archive.

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