2022. Coral Cuadrada, Daniel Piñol (eds.), El capbreu dels castells de Vilassar i Burriac

Capbreu Portada

Medieval and modern capbreus have been studied as historical sources, philological sources, linguistic sources, lexicographical sources, onomastic sources, anthroponymic sources, toponymic sources, typological sources, fiscal sources, methodological sources, legal sources, and serial sources. Using them as a base, studies have been carried out on feudalism, manorial regime, feudal income, crisis, economy, society, peasantry, agrarian property, Church, landscape, tame, urbanism, architecture and defensive system. But they have not been used as an archival source application platform for the digital humanities.

This book, the result of a team project, is a pioneering example: it includes a historical study, the approaches of palaeography and codicology to the transcription of the manuscript, the digital edition and the geolocation of the capbreu materialised in an interactive map.